jueves, 10 de septiembre de 2009


With all due respect. The truth is that it is a shocking news and so one might think that joke, by the fact that it comes from China, where every day there are actually cases rarefaction. And this one is. A little Chinese girl, named Kang Mengru, has revolutionized medical science in the country and the entire planet, to discover she is pregnant. It's not news, you say. There have been mothers for very early, up to 10 years, which is already impressive. But if we told her that Mengru Kang has only a year old, fixed accuses us of making jokes pads. But it's true. The little girl is an example of what doctors call a "fetus in fetu". What is it? The name refers to cases in which twins "parasites" are found within their brother or sister. During the first year of life, small Mengru Kang's womb you grew disproportionately.After the medical consultation of the distressed and bewildered parents, it was found that the twin was inside his body, an event that occurs in one in every 500 thousand births.

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